Day 3: Happiness. No Or's. Just....Happiness.

Weekends are crazy for SFP. We're usually off doing shoots, meeting with clients, or scouting locations. It's our work week, so to speak. Today was no exception--except that half the people that were supposed to show for their mini-sessions never did. So, when our first shoot finally showed up, we decided to spoil them rotten, at no extra cost, and do a full fledged shoot. 3-5 images? Pffft. Try 55 images. It's so funny to think that Happiness can come in so many different forms:

Happiness is having my best friend, and soul mate, TJ, help me on shoots, learning the craft, and soothing men's frayed nerves with his manly, beared presence.

These crazy, lumpy trees are all over the South Hill--especially near the park we were in. Something about their off-the-beaten-path look filled me with great joy--they were beautiful because of their unique attributes--not because they looked like all the other trees.

Happiness: Relieving teething with any props available.

MY happiness is this sweet baby boy. Nothing fills me with much more joy than his sweet face, full of wonder, full of questions he doesn't know how to form yet. I'm waiting patiently, Tiny, to tell you everything.

Liam wanted a bottle--but didn't want to hold it. So for him, this was the HEIGHT of happiness. All he had to do was sit there, and drink.  He totally gets his laziness from his Dad. FYI. They also hate wearing pants.

Mackenzie River Pizza Company has Sam Adams in a 23 oz. glass.  So, my husband obviously had to drink it. I love the beautiful color Sam Adams gives. Why does this tie in with Happiness?  Because the husband said it did. So, there you have it.

Stephanie and Brad. Two of my very favorite people, and one of my most anticipated weddings this Summer. I went up to the venue today, to see what their schemes and dreams were all about.  At one point, we were all standing in this big gym area, and everyone was talking up the convenience of having the reception in the gym. I could tell Steph had her heart set on having everything outdoors, with an indoor option for those who didn't want to be outside, but (and I know this from experience) it can be  hard when everyone else wants you to do things the easy way. Stephanie finally looked at me and said "What do you think?" And I smiled, and said "I think you only get married once--and you should do it the way you want."  I seriously can't wait to see it come together, because her vision for her wedding is AMAZING.

Ever leaf on this tree is dried in such a way that it looks like the tree is forever blowing in the wind. I love that. I love that Fall still whispers it's greeting, in the midst of Spring, and I love that God shares unique gifts that affect everyone in a different way.

The family that showed for the mini-session was a repeat client. I shot Andrew and Leann's wedding last year--and they had sweet Lillian only days after I had Liam.  I think for me, happiness was in the fact that they were so unabashed with the love they showed to Lillian--too often, parents stay aloof, afraid their children will take advantage. But they wont. They just need love!