Day 5: Morning Sky...or...I totally didn't do Morning Sky.

I was out the door at 8. We were rushing from the moment we woke up, to the moment we left. And I forgot about my assignment. Ironically, I took pictures of the sky, but that wasn't until 3 or 4 in the afternoon. We were crazy busy.

We still are.

Today is a special day, and a day I've been super excited for, for a while. Today, TJ registered for Fall classes to go to school for the ultimate goal of becoming an Electrical Engineer. After supporting me with my dream for as long as he's known me, we're finally taking the step to help him follow his!!!!

I'm incredibly, incredibly excited, because it means he's taking a risk, a leap of faith, staring down the fear of failure or wrong choices, and stepping forward.

As my branding team might say....or Jon Acuff, for that matter....he's punching fear in the face.

I'm incredibly proud of him and his accomplishment at moving past all the doubts and starting his journey.

TJ, I'll be with you the whole way. Except at Math. I'll cheer you on from a distance when it comes to math.

My favorite passageway to get from Spokane Valley to Spokane involves curved roads you only see in car commercials, rolling green hills, and beautiful vistas. *swoon*

There's something very creatively refreshing about the look of tilled earth, green hills, and brisk blue skies!

While I was at Spokane Falls Community College, I saw the womens bathrooms, and noted that the angle of the mirror from my stance was odd. Selfie? Selfie.

People were putting stuff IN the trash, and this squirrel was like "Thanks bro--hey, you got any cheetos?" Very laid back.

Grump got a new car seat! We had to shove a blanket and a roll of paper towels under there to make sure he didn't flop his head all over the place. But all in all, it's crazy to think he's already big enough for a new seat!

TJ wanted to use up all the old windshield wiper fluid, so he could put in the stuff that gets bug guts off, and also waterproofs the windshield! Photo opportunity!!!!

Muahahaha. I learned how to take advantage of incredibly yellow skin tones and cool backgrounds. Muahahaha.  Also this was a Reese's Hurricane we shared for dessert. It was glorious.