Day 7: Something Funny....or a 3 lb dog completely soaking wet.

Today's theme was something funny. As I thought about things I could possibly do, that I could set up, and shoot, my dog flounced by, her floofy tail swaying with each little bounce she did. AND IT HIT ME. There isn't much funnier than watching a dog scoot around at top speed after a bath. If you've given a dog a bath, you know what I'm talkin' about.

So here you go, Internet, Momo, my 3 lb dog, after her bath. In pictures.

Right after the bath, Momo has a look of being tortured.

Immediately after being released from the towel, Momo promptly sprays the room with wet-perfumed-dog-smell.

A variety of Momo moments, where she flew around the room, stopped randomly to shiver uncontrollably, and would randomly run to the towel she was carried out in, to roll around on it.

A montage of Momo mania.

This is a baby that was 100% amused with her crazy, post-bath antics.

It's hilarious how quickly she stopped before crashing into me.

After she had finally stopped levitating...

2013-05-01_0009 2013-05-01_0008

Finally, a now 80% air-dried Momo.