Day....What Day is this....8?...9?...Whatever-Favorite Colors is the Theme. So yeah.

I got a late start today-I tried something new. I left my phone in the room this morning, I did not check my messages, I did not read my emails, I did not play Candy Crush Saga, and I didn't text my early bird friends. I decided to spend the first hour of my morning with Liam. Unplugged. No TV. No phones. Just him, his bottle, and me, snuggling until he finished his meal, and gurgled at me, and tried to roll out of his boppy pillow.

We HAD to do laundry today. We slacked so badly, our room was almost impossible to get in and out of. Mountain ranges of different fabrics stood at impressive heights, making me feel like I was in the Sound of Music, and they were ALIVE. With the STENCH of BODY ODOR.

But the good news is, we found a rad laundromat with soft blue and yellow walls, stainless steel appliances, FAST machines (Loads finished in 17 minutes, and dried in 30!) and incredibly friendly staff--they really, really wanted to take Liam home. Here's some shots of today, and my current favorite color.

Stainless steel, frothy suds, brilliant's the ULTIMATE in elementals that make this girl happy.

We switched him back to the old car seat for a *little* longer. When he falls asleep in the other one, his head hangs off to the side--I know he's okay for breathing--but he looks incredibly uncomfortable.

When we were folding clothes after the fact, one of Liam's newborn pajamas made it into the batch, and TJ had a hard time not crying, and asked if we could keep it. <3 *sniff* I then bawled, and said yes. So hard to believe he's growing up so fast!

His newest obsession--hanging upside down to see what the world looks like. I got nauseated just watching him.

My current favorite color (and my current favorite accessory) is seafoam green. I love the soft pastel color, the cool look and sleek, preppy feel it has. I have a LOT of this color in my closet. And coral. And soft yellows. Blame my branding team, "Hey Sweet Pea." They've got me hooked on my branding colors!