Day 10: Hands....And Also Day 9: Old REDO.

So I hated myself all day today for lazing out of yesterdays challenge like that. TJ sprained his ankle a few days ago, and so I've been pulling double duty, doing shoots, wrangling the baby, and getting things for him since he can't walk on it, and it's caused me to want to do nothing but sleep. Unfortunately, TJ tosses and turns in pain all night because he keeps bumping his ankle, and Liam is teething pretty good right now--so he's grumping his way through sleepy time. So I'm exhausted.

Exhausted or not, I was so excited about today! We had a picnic at the park with my husbands family, who are in town. We got some family pictures, TJ took a few of me and Liam snuggling, and it was great.

Just before we left to go home for the evening,I got a great idea to get both shots at once!  I got an incredibly cranky Liam, sat him in Great-Grandpa Bill's lap, and took a shot of them holding hands.

It's an incredibly precious image that's two part-Old skin, paired with the soft, newborn skin and tiny fingers, and Hands. My two challenges, in one shot.

I'm incredibly grateful to this daily challenge--it's pushing my photography, but it also makes me think about how I'm going to work it in Photoshop later. I like that I'm beginning to see Burn'd slight shadows for a darker, grittier look, and a sharpening to bring out and emphasis the worn and leather'd knuckles that time has etched into his hands.

One image. Two lifetimes. So much to think about, and so emotive.

It's why I love doing what I do.