Day 12-13: Written Words, and Technology

So last night, I got home, put Liam down for bed, and had a date night with my husband. His grandfather had been in town for the last week, and had just left, so we were trying to give ourselves a little time to unwind before starting on editing, answering emails and voicemails, and going back to our crazy lives. It was so nice to have that time with him. So much so, that after the movie was done, I just went to bed.

Totally spaced posting a blog. Silly me.

So tonight, I give you two entries: One, Written Words, and Two, Technology.

This type of image is called a double exposure. It's where you take several images and compile them into one frame to make a singular image. It's used for showing motion in a still frame, or, in this case, to create a collage of different things in one shot. This was done in camera, and the only change was a boost in color and a contrast boost.  I can't wait to experiment with it while I shoot my engagement session this weekend!!!

Written Word: I take notes whenever I learn something of value. My 5 subject notebook is full of pages strewn with doodles, snarky faces, comments, quotes, and directions, action formulas, and occasionally, small words of encouragement--something I'll write when I'm feeling incredible, invincible, and I know the weak side of me will need to see those words. <3