Day 14: Movement

Life moves so quickly. One day, you're thinking of a name for the new life inside of you, the next, they're spitting their sweet potato puree in your face, because it's "fun." Today, we decided to move a little more slowly--or quickly, depending on how you want to look at it. The handyman from our apartment complex was supposed to come fix our air conditioner yesterday, and did not, so we've been handling the heat of the bottom floor, and the top floor, plus our windows face the sun during it's hottest times. All in all, our little abode is a FURNACE. So, we've been going on "drives" so we could justify using the car's air conditioning.

Today, as we were sitting in the living room, watching Liam, barely moving, so we didn't have to get warmer, I realized I needed to do today's challenge. CAPITAL IDEA.

We jumped in the car, and made for the country, and the gorgeous spring colors! So, here a few "motion shots" I got of the trees, and a double exposure of me taking pictures of the trees, and a second shot of motion-ful trees.

<32013-05-09_0001 2013-05-09_0002 2013-05-09_0003 2013-05-09_0004 2013-05-09_0005

Okay, so, not a tree. We got home and I saw these sprinklers going, and I wanted to capture the water droplets flying over the dandelions and violets that scattered the grass. <3