Day 16: Animals

We went out to the Valley today to check out the location for our  f/22 workshop coming up on May 19th. It's an old, vintage looking school house that's been boarded up! I'm incredibly in love with it, because it has trees, cute stoops, tall grass, and tons of shooting challenges to work through--like distracting backgrounds, direct sunlight, and posing with buildings! It'll be a great learning exercise with my beautiful ladies that are coming to the workshop. SO. EXCITED.

Afterwards, we went to check out a state park nearby, for a shoot this weekend with a gorgeous ginger and her motorcycle-loving fiance! While we were there, I found some marmots, or, as TJ calls them, rockchucks, and they were SO curious! I got incredibly close to some of them! Here a few images from our little roadtrip!

So I'm kind of in love with motion shots of trees. Don't judge me. I'm still trying to figure out how it might work with engagement pictures. :D

Liam fell asleep with a death grip on the handle of his car seat. He's almost completely outgrown it, but we're dreading putting him in the new one--he just looks so small in it!

Crevice Chucks.

Incredibly Curious Chucks.

Suspicious but curious chucks.

Circle of Life Chuck.

Ham Chuck.

Curiouser and Curiouser Chuck.