Day 17: Something New.

It's actually kind of ghetto--but we really, really don't care. Yesterday, I lost it on Facebook.

That awkward moment when you wake up the next morning and realize everyone now knows your business...


So because of this, my dear friend Jen, and her awesome husband Mark, came by and dropped off an air conditioner that we could use until ours got fixed.

Then TJ said that he didn't know how he'd get it put into the window, and we'd probably just have to wait, and I almost became a black widow. In that I almost killed my husband. You see, black widows kill their would be.....because, you see, it's a play on words.



So TJ decided that for the longevity of our marriage, and the sanity of our house, he would install it. In the back door.

I have to admit, it's an impressive feat. Where did we get that much styrofoam? How is is so perfectly formed for the doorway? Isn't it unsafe for Liam?

We laugh at those logical questions, and tell you that, barring the last question, NONE OF THESE MATTER.

BUT. The last one does matter, and we've decided that since tomorrow is Mother's Day, we're just gonna make it a point to go hang with TJ's mom, whilst the house is cooled to glorious levels of normalcy.

Yep. My first Mother's Day. Exciting.

Oh! So, here's an image of TJ and Momo languishing in front of our conditioned air supply. Something New. :D

After a long day of heat, and engagment shooting, and more HEAT, I wasn't really worried about setting up an awesome shot tonight. I think I just focused my camera for the air conditioner on both of these--so apparently, my husband and dog are framing pieces, meant to emphasis the glorious focus of this post: Air. Conditioning.