Puppy and Baby Picture!

The last few days have been INSANE. Mother's Day was hectic, and super emotional, because, you know, I'M A MOM NOW, and then the next day TJ broke his hand, and now I'm pretty much doing all the chores, cooking, cleaning, baby moving, changing, clothing, bathing, and still trying to run a business.

It's been two days, and I already feel like I need a vacation.


I started honing in on how I edit images--and I'm finding a *groove* to it. I edited an entire engagement session--and had another set up for final sharpening and vignetting (56 images, almost 4.5 hours of work), and then my husband turned off his computer, and my computer turned off, and all my progress was lost.

I spent the rest of the day on tumblr, quietly mourning.

I just wanted to upload one quick pic from Mother's Day, because I'm EXHAUSTED. Let's see how well I can keep up on my mission to capture life every day for the month. :3

Day 17 Challenge: BEST FRIENDS!  Momo and Liam are thick as thieves--meaning Momo knows Liam could squash her in a second, but still mothers him when he tries new things.

He is the HAPPIEST baby I have ever met. I'm pretty lucky. :3