E N G A G E M E N T || Heather + Don

2013-05-22_0002 Heather and Don have been an amazing influence on my life, even though they really didn't know it. Heather was the incredibly generous soul who gave me Momo, my tiny dog that consistently photo bombs my photographs. When her and Don decided they were getting married, we immediately got together, and started talking through their dreams, and I seriously can't wait for their wedding.

Here's a few favorites from their engagement session:


Can we all agree that Heather has amazing eyes? Because her eyes.

2013-05-22_0005 2013-05-22_0004

2013-05-22_0006 2013-05-22_0012

It takes a brave, brave client to hunker down in tall grass in a dress. <3

2013-05-22_0011 2013-05-22_0003 2013-05-22_0010 2013-05-22_0008 2013-05-22_0007

You can see their entire PASS Gallery HERE!