Elusive Sunsets

I've always felt, after taking pictures of any sunset variety, that I hadn't done the scene justice. The colors were too dull, the freedom of the space wasn't fully appreciated, the hurried frenzy of people and bellowing honks and sounds of the surrounding atmosphere that always seemed to soften during golden and pink hues....in a photograph, I can't hear them as well. It's just not there. Nevertheless, I have never stopped taking pictures of them, because the gradient from what I like to call Salvation Gold (Because I always felt the most redeemed at sunset) to the soft, bruised lavender clouds in the distance, every single inch of every single sunset was always beautiful, always worth sighing over, always worth the almost constant "If only I had my camera."

I took this while we drove through the backroads, enjoying a quiet ride as a family before heading home after meetings, photo shoots, grocery shopping, and spending time with relatives. The sky was *just* starting to turn, so I didn't get a full spectrum shot, but this was my favorite part of the drive: The moment when all the green rolling fields dipped down to reveal a green and thriving community, hidden way, way back, where barely anyone knew they were.

It was like our secret hideaway.

2013-05-27_0002Just some quick pops of color and slight vignette. Otherwise, it's gravy. :)