F A M I L Y || Mandy & Isabella

I've been so swamped lately--not a bad thing by ANY means, but it has meant less time to share what I love doing with all of you. Recently, I offered a Mini-Session event to those who either don't want a full session, or couldn't afford one. It's something I plan on doing, from this point on, only once a year, it's simple, it's focused, and I cherish it. There's nothing more fun than spending a day discovering new places to take pictures with different people. I challenged myself to try new spots every chance I got. I wanted to make sure that each family had unique images they could cherish for a lifetime! One such family was Mandy, and her Iz, as she calls her. I call her a deer, as my own little joke from one of my favorite movies, Simon Birch. What an amazing duo! Mandy is a photographer as well, an amazing personal friend, and a great lover of Jesus. Iz.....well Iz loves affection, talking with other dogs, and looking at everything BUT a camera. Though, I'm finding that this seems true with most dogs.

Here's a few favorites from their shoot! I hope you enjoy!













2013-07-03_0008 <3