F A M I L Y || Spokane Maternity Photography

Michelle is my personal cheerleader, and I'm not kidding. If she didn't have an incredibly full life to live, I have no doubt that she'd be at all my weddings, cheering me on. And I'd totally hire her, if I ever won the lottery, to do that for me, haha. Michelle, Zach, and Ramzey are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby Nikole. Their little princess already has them in a flurry of activity to make sure everything, from the home birth (which I shall be capturing *eeek*) to having beautiful outfits fit for a princess, ready to go.

I absolutely adore this family, and I love it when I become more than business acquaintances with my clients. Michelle and I hang out, make paper flowers, eat cheese....yep. Good times.

Enjoy this sneak peek, and then make sure to check out her PASS Gallery for the whole kit and caboodle! Don't forget to leave her some heartfelt congratulations and well wishes! <3


Oh, Michelle, you are such a beautiful Momma!












I went a completely different direction with this shot, because it BEGGED for an ethereal look. :)








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