P E R S O N A L || Liam's First Birthday

Normally, I don't share personal pictures on here-there's so much excitement and beautiful people to share with you, I never have time. But now that wedding season has ended on a beautiful note, I've had some time to lift my head up, and look around. It's fall! Trees are changing color, the smell of burning wood, fall leaves, and pumpkin-everything permeates the air! It's my favorite season to dress for, my favorite season to shoot in, and my favorite season to eat in.

But more than that, Fall is now home to the celebration of the most precious and amazing gift I've ever received, my little one, Liam. It's been a YEAR since he was born, ONE. FULL. YEAR. I've been running around like crazy preparing his party, and buying presents, and stopping to have a good cry when I realize my baby isn't a baby anymore.

Ready or not, he's walking, gabbing and pointing, laughing with me, and just this morning, I picked him up out of his crib, and his little hand held my cheek, and he looked at me like I was his greatest treasure. I just about squeezed his guts out, you guys. That's how precious that moment was.

Take a look at some pictures I caught of him playing on his birthday! <3

That awkward moment where you try to surprise them, but when you open the door and turn on the light, they're already awake, and playing with toys.



His favorite book, "If I Were An Owl" by Ann Wilkinson.






We got him a toy that's actually a kid friendly housing for my iPhone, so he can watch Big Block Sing Song, but now he can't send cryptic messages on Facebook, via Siri. <.<

Do you have any traditions for your kids' birthdays? Did you have any when you were a kid?