S T Y L I Z E D . S H O O T || Sugar & Spice Concept Shoot

When I was little, I used to achingly wish that I was a princess with my whole heart. They had it *made*, don't you think? I mean, sure, most Princesses had it rough for a bit (Princess Odette was turned into a swan after being forced into a marriage arrangement from childhood, only to realize she did love the guy who didn't know she needed to be more than beautiful, and then he declared his love for the wrong person, and she basically died, but he saved the day in the end, and they got all married anyways; Princess Jasmine fell in love, mourned his death, fell in love again with a different guy, found out he was the same guy, then got enslaved by his nemesis, and then finally got to keep dating him after her dad changed laws for it to happen; then there's Rapunzel who lived her entire life shoved into a tower with a woman who emotionally abused her while forcing her to wear a hair style that was impractical and probably gave her wicked migraines, only to fall in love with a wanted thief who wanted nothing to do with her for quite a while, and then willingly gave up her freedom to save his life, only to have him die in her arms saving her, only to find out she had magical tears--and then she was abruptly reunited with her parents, and the responsibilities of an entire kingdom where thrust upon her now light-headed shoulders) but in the end, they had gorgeous clothing, fantastic, smooth skin, and droves of admirers. C'mon, what little girl doesn't want that?! We know a lot of women reminisce fondly about the time when they were little girls, dreaming of being a princess, or a warrior princess, or a punk princess (whatever your favorite might be!) but how was that captured and recorded? Did you write your dreams in journals? Did your mom sneak pictures of you while you played? What about your daughter? How have you captured that whimsical, fleeting stage of her self-awareness?

Enter the Sugar & Spice Shoot, coming up on May 3rd. Shmily Face Photography has teamed up with 3 amazing small businesses to give a one of a kind, fairy tale experience to little princesses everywhere. So what's included in the shoot, you ask? Weeeellllll, I'm glad you asked!



Though there are 10 time slots total, we are officially down to 9 slots left, with several in the works to being booked. The sooner you book, the more options on time slots you have, and the more time you have to plan for outfits! So if you're on the fence, remember, these slots will be selling out quickly-and this is a limited edition shoot--meaning that while we'll explore other themes for down the road, we don't know that we'll be doing a princess-themed shoot again anytime soon. And seeing as we only plan on doing one stylized shoot a year.....it could be 5 or 6 years. Or longer.

In the mean time, we'd love if you'd also take a look at some of our favorites we got on our shoot. While the shoot wont be in this exact location, we're excited to give you an idea of how gorgeous taking pictures of little girls in tall grass can be. The inside pictures are gorgeous, we know, but until we can get a location that allows us to have old, vintage floors, we'll have to make do with blossoming meadows and country roads, *sigh*. I don't think we can lose ;)

Spokane Family Photography 2014-03-11_0040 2014-03-11_0044 2014-03-11_0041 2014-03-11_0042 2014-03-11_0043 2014-03-11_0045 2014-03-11_0046 2014-03-11_0050 2014-03-11_0047 2014-03-11_0048 2014-03-11_0049 2014-03-11_0051 2014-03-11_0052 2014-03-11_0053 2014-03-11_0056 2014-03-11_0054 2014-03-11_0055 2014-03-11_0057Special thanks to the small businesses that came together to make both our concept shoot a success, and the real deal and May come to life in an amazing way:

Tutu's - Little Blooms Lace Crowns: Snickerdoodle  Cupcakes & Vintage Props : Batch Bakeshop

And a special thank you to our gorgeous models: Mary, and her two little ones, Miss J and Miss M, and Melissa's sweet little one, Miss K.

Thank you Princesses for sharing your beauty and curiosity with us! It was a privilege to capture you as you are!

And finally, a very special thank you to Staci Lewis, for her unwavering support, her last minute rescuing a rained out shoot, her wonderful companionship, and her amazing talent with film photography. You're awesome, Staci!!!