S T Y L I Z E D . S H O O T || OffBeat Brides Concept Shoot

It's been almost a month since I went to United, and I've been holding on to these shoots jealously, because after I publish each one, I get to spend the whole day reminiscing about the amazing, sometimes surreal setting for the United conference I attended. And with only a couple more shoots to share, and wedding season starting this weekend, it's a bittersweet post I write. 2014-03-19_0001

I've heard over and over from friends, family, and my brides that I seem softer and more at peace since I came back. My outlook seems brighter, my photography is much more organic and emotional, and my feelings of heart-bursting joy for the people in my life has come to the front--I'm not nearly as reserved with my enthusiasm for the people I adore anymore.

These people are the reason why. They broke me down, reminded me of why I started shooting, and gave me my passion back--but more than that, they showed me, by leading from example, how to give that passion away and multiply it's return. When you have kindness and a giving nature on a scale of over 400 people, well....that's a lot of passion and heart to soak in--and I was the best sponge ever.


One such example is our Offbeat Brides Shoot--a really amazing shoot that focused on showcasing brides that went off the beaten path. So often, we focus on the model brides with the million dollar weddings and amazing soirrees, but the truth is, these brides have a completely different aesthetic to what they love about their relationship and wedding--and man oh man, do I love that about them. There were three couple total, and the first pair, rocking the epic sunglasses, was my soulmate couple. Fiesty, funny, and rocking every tattoo they had, I wanted to capture them all day. Then I got sidetracked by a conversation with another photographer, and when I turned around, they had disappeared down the stretch of the beach--and I dunno about you, but walking through the sand is hard enough when you're just holding a towel, but I had all of my gear with me. So I peace'd out that rad couple. Then there was this other couple that I literally only got one shot of, but wanted a zillion more, because the bride was an absolute SIREN you guys, she was drop-dead gorgeous, and her groom had an epic beard.  But again, I was sidetracked by conversations. In fairness to me, my husband is quiet, my son isn't talking yet, and I was geeking out about gear, shooting in direct sunlight, and the perils of shooting on a beach. It's rare for me, okay? Okay.

2014-03-19_0003 2014-03-19_0004

Here's a few more shots to share with you, and credit absolutely has to go to the creator and leader of our shoot, Carrie Swails. She's an amazing teacher and mentor, and everyone goes away from her knowing something new that can help them. She's amazing.








In any case, you can bet that I'll be going back again next year, but this time, with TJ. And we aren't done yet! I still have MY shoot to share with ya'll, and the Great Gatsby shoot, which you might die of happiness from looking at. Those will be coming up in the foreseeable future, friends!


Jamie Ivins - jamieivins.com Julie Wilmes - juliewilmes.com Mycah and Bobby Burns - redmonddigitalmedia.com Lauren and Seth Pinson - laurenpinson.com

Outfits: Julie Wilmes - Corset Lauren Pinson - Dress and shoes 

Shoot Organizer: Carrie Swails - carrieswailsphotography.com