Pinspiration Abounds!!!

If you've ever been on the Internet, chances are, you've heard of Pinterest. The chances that you've fallen in love with Pinterest apparently rises sharply if you're a woman. The chances skyrocket if you're getting married, love crafting, love photography, love plants, love making your house pretty, etc.

So basically, I'm on there about 2 hours a day, mostly in the evenings. Sometimes, after Liam goes to bed, I relax my sore muscles by languishing on my ultra-plushy couch (read: it swallows you whole when you sit on it), sip some bubbly (read: Ginger Brew), and slowly flip through the Pinterest boards, lovingly curating a selection of my favorite laughable moments, gorgeous portraits, nifty posing techniques, and hairstyles I'll never, ever have the upper arm endurance to complete (read: waterfall braid). It's how I wind down.

It was inevitable, really, that I would find a few boards that become a special arsenal for me. Gorgeous bouquets, stunning dresses, fantastic foods, HAIRSTYLES. So, because I love all of you, and because my toddler is making it difficult for me to edit these last two days (read: I'm furtively editing at 4:30 in the morning, praying he'll sleep in, just to make it happen), today, I'm gonna share a couple of these beloved treasure troves with you in the weeks to come. Today's trove is this fantastic Pinterest board from Flower Bar, located in Scottsdale, AZ.

This gorgeous board has a collection of my favorites, but I selected a few that I couldn't help falling in love with, and shared my personal thoughts on them below. Because my thoughts are super valuable, and you all listen to me all the time. Right? RIGHT? Right.

**DISCLAIMER: I do not know who took all these gorgeous portraits, nor do I claim to have taken ANY of them. This is simply me sharing Pins**

||R I N G . S A G E S ||

Shut the front door. I dunno about you guys, but I'd rather have a ring sage than a bracelet on my other hand ANY DAY. How gorgeous is THIS.

|| C A S C A D I N G . T A B L E . R U N N E R S ||

Move aside mason jars and vases, the cascading table runner creates a lush, natural bohemian vibe that's perfect for any wedding. Just mix and match your favorite flowers (but we recommend you talk to your florist to make sure they can put it together for you <3)

|| P O C K E T . S Q U A R E ||

Just when we thought we had the boutonniere (I have to spell check that word EVERY. TIME) down to a SCIENCE, they come along and create the absolutely AWESOME POCKET SQUARE. Besides, most of the time, those pockets are sewn shut anyways, right? Put the handkerchief in your pants pocket, grooms, this pocket has a greater purpose!

|| J U S T . A D D. P E A R L S ||

If you're having a romantic wedding, a classic wedding, or a vintage wedding, pearls are your secret weapon. Wear them like a badge, my sisters, and then add them into your decor. Use them in the bottoms of vases to stabilize flowers, hang them delicately to add a sense of whimsy to your centerpieces, even purchase long strands and hang them from one side of the reception to the other, for a gorgeous, textural look. *swoon*

|| C A S C A D I N G . O M B R E . B O U Q U E T S ||

Two things: First of all, the headpiece is just as stunning as the bouquet, but I personally probably wouldn't do both. One or the other is probably best, unless you have severe allergies, then maybe neither. Secondly, I didn't think the ombre trend could get any better, and then they did this. I'm considering renewing my vows every 6 months to keep up with all the gorgeousness.

These are just a few of the ideas on this board, and I *love* going back through and seeing when they add new ones. If you're a lover of geometrics, modern weddings, or unique backdrops, be sure to also check out their gorgeous geometric backdrop pins!