Wedding Vendor Highlight: BATCH bakeshop

BATCH bakeshop is pretty much legendary for their amazing wedding cakes, dessert displays, and unique food fusion concepts. But did you know they're now a brick and mortar bakery that serves coffee, yummy scones, and so much more? 

Mika makes the best baked goods on the planet, at the best bakery on the planet, Batch Bakeshop. I’m totally not biased, her food is delicious. My favorite thing about Batch Bakeshop is how they combines things I would have never thought to combine to make incredibly stunning food. She makes these shortbread cookies with cracked pepper in it, and sometimes she makes cookies with pink himalayan salt on top. One time I had this decadent,  moist cake (yes, I said moist, NO, I wasn’t happy about using that adjective, but it really was) and it was covered with anise seed husks, tons of vibrant colorful spices, tiny cracked red pepper, and a molasses letter--I realized after I ate it that I didn't take any legit pictures of it. Another time, I had an upside down citrus cake that was covered in blood oranges, grapefruit slices, oranges, and world peace. I ate it, and I felt like I could die and be content with my lot. The point is not that I eat unhealthy amounts of cake, it’s that Batch Bakeshop makes tons of amazing cakes. Focus on the cake.

Even more amazing is the fact that every so often, a discerning, tasteful, attractive, trend-setting bride will buy Mika’s cakes and catering for their wedding. Naked cakes, ombre cakes, stunning little tarts and desserts, and of course, Mika’s amazing eye for detail means the cake displays she creates are always the work that should (and usually does) end up in publications, such as our own local, amazing Apple Brides Wedding Blog.

But the most amazing thing of all is the fact that Batch Bakeshop has a bakery that serves fresh baked goods DAILY. Mika and her mom run the shop together, with the help of several very wonderful employees, and they fuel their customers and themselves with the best coffee in Spokane, made by Indaba. They’re open Tuesday through Friday from 7 AM to 4 PM, and they are located at 2023 W Dean Avenue, just a few blocks away from Indaba Coffee. I’ve even included a handy link to Google Maps in case you’re reading this and want to get check them out. Every day they create new and exciting recipes (to the point my husband has had to instill a limit to the amount of times I go per week, because I’m afraid I’ll miss something else that I haven’t tried) (and I totally do miss new things all the time, and he should know that it hurts my heart) and Mika is one of the most professional, friendly, and creative wedding vendors I’ve had the pleasure of working with. If you’re in the market for one of her wedding cakes, pull up a stool. Drink some Indaba Coffee (because they totally serve that goodness!). Chat her up, and tell her what you’re envisioning for your big day, OR, let her envision something for you. I promise you, you *won’t* regret it.

P.S. Batch Bakeshop has teamed up with one of the top florists in Spokane, Erica's Expressions, to provide an amazing experience for Valentine's Day.  Take a look at the flyer below and check out either of their Facebook pages, or contact them to order and make your Valentine's Day a BREEZE. 

Thanks for reading!