The Best of 2014

By the time December hits, I'm pretty burned out, and this year was no exception. In fact, this year was pretty intense for a lot of reasons for us, especially for our personal lives, so we decided that in order for us to be the best we could be, we needed to batten down the hatches and fully focus on our little family. 

So, here we are, almost a month into the new year, and I've had a lot of time to reflect. 2014 was a stunning, amazing year for us to experience, and there are so many sessions that we utterly adored. While we simply can't feature every single one, I'd like to share a few with you that, to me, captured the essence of the 1 word we decided to use to describe 2014: Adventurous. 


We shot over 23 weddings last year, 18 engagement shoots, 24 family portraits, 7 lifestyle shoots, 7 little girls wearing tutus and laughing exuberantly, 6 dogs, 1 dead deer (on accident). TJ's beard photobombed only 12 images, Liam took his diaper off twice during his photo shoots, and 3 of our brides from last year are getting ready to welcome babies in 2015 (one of them with twinsies!). 

This year, our focus is going to be on providing an amazing, time-sensitive experience to our clients. We're outsourcing certain parts of our workflow so we can get back to the business of people, not computers. 2015 is already full of so much adventure, with several destination weddings in the books, stylized shoots in the next two months, and engagement sessions as far as the eye can see. 

We can't wait to share every. single. one. with you. We appreciate you. Adore you. Are thankful for every single one of you. Thank you for believing in us, for trusting us with your memories, for being gracious when life got in the way of us being able to keep our turnaround up to snuff, and thank you even more for consistently reminding us that you think we are worthy of what we do. Too often, I find myself looking at other photographers, and worrying I'm not good enough. I'm thankful that my clients and friends are quick to slap me and shake me and tell me that I'm crazy. 

Here's to 2015: The Year of Exploration. <3 We can't wait to see what we find.